In response to the climate crisis, I designed a utopian island situated on top of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This would function as a self sufficient mobile ecosystem, eliminating single use plastic. Aiming to repurpose waste and assist the regeneration of coral reefs, it houses migrating communities displaced by water level rise, drought and food insecurities.


Monsanto Museum subverts a classic Disney tale with mass poisoning and ecological crimes against humanity. The gingerbread house lures people with deceivingly edible treats. In reality it's a house of horrors containing dead bees, rats, babies in jars, and hazmat suits. Read through the key, these images are visual references for the timeline of their crimes.

The World Map of Climate Tipping Points is an interactive worksheet for a younger audience; focusing on areas of ecological breakdown through sea monsters, politician gremlins and sleeping giants. It can alternatively be explored as an Augmented Reality planet and virtual globe.